Unique and Timeless Wedding Gifts
Give the gift of LOUIS XIII Cognac for a unique wedding gift that elevates the moment and leaves a lasting impression.

Of all life’s most special occasions, a wedding day calls for a unique gift that elevates the moment and leaves a lasting impression. Gifting LOUIS XIII Cognac is to extend a luxury wedding gift centuries in the making – each drop is a living legacy strengthened by the patina of age. Decades flash by with every swirl, deep mahogany hues hold time within a liquid grasp.  LOUIS XIII’s unwavering soul promises everlasting memories, with each encounter an unforgettable moment in time: a perfect way to honor the commitment of a lifetime. LOUIS XIII Cognac presents the perfect gifting options for engagements or weddings, a timeless treasure that symbolizes love, luxury, and enduring celebration.

Special Occasions to Gift LOUIS XIII

Wedding Gifts

A defining milestone in life, a wedding day is an invitation to celebrate everlasting love and commitment. As such, a wedding gift embodies all that you wish to impart on the couple for this profound new chapter.

Engagement Gifts

Another occasion to gift cognac could come even before the wedding itself: LOUIS XIII makes an excellent option for an engagement gift. As the beginning of a couple’s journey toward marriage, the engagement represents a commitment to be celebrated and a decisive time to be elevated by LOUIS XIII Cognac. Or, alternatively, engaged couples could include LOUIS XIII pieces on their registry to help guide friends and family toward a gift they know they will treasure.

"More than a simple token of well wishes, a gift of LOUIS XIII Cognac adds an everlasting touch as personal and unique as the new start the couple is about to embark on."

Anniversary Gifts

If the occasion is not a wedding, but a wedding anniversary, to gift your loved one LOUIS XIII Cognac is to celebrate your enduring bond with an equally enduring essence.  The precious liquid has been years in the making, its sensorial qualities developed over time: it conjures a palpable connection to the past, while promising a shared moment to be remembered in the future. To mark a 15th wedding anniversary, crystal gifts are traditionally given as a symbol of brilliant yet fragile beauty, both incredibly precious and in need of careful care. LOUIS XIII’s crystal decanter not only honors this tradition, it represents the gift of savoring beautiful time together. No matter the milestone, whether it’s a 1st or 50th wedding anniversary, LOUIS XIII Cognac is the perfect accompaniment for these sentimental occasions, an unparalleled way to celebrate your, or your favorite couple's, union.

Luxury Wedding Favors

For a unique and thoughtful wedding party favor that will make a lasting impression, a decanter of LOUIS XIII offers couples an exquisite way to express their gratitude and love to those who joined in their celebration. Share all that LOUIS XIII embodies - its enduring soul and living legacy – with your guests by giving them a quality gift to take home after the festivities and to commemorate such a memorable time.

Choosing Your LOUIS XIII Gift

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An Exceptional Decanter

An exceptional creation, LOUIS XIII’s iconic decanter is of a majesty beyond the realms of time, its signature circular shape a symbol of balance and perfection in Renaissance fine art, and its fleur-de-lys motifs evoking the Louis XIII style. Featuring an 18-carat minimum gold neck and 10 distinctive spikes on each side, its iconic design was inspired by a 16th-century flask uncovered and later owned by LOUIS XIII founder, Paul-Émile Rémy Martin. 

Each LOUIS XIII decanter is entirely unique and individually numbered, having been hand-crafted by Crystal Masters from the finest crystal houses with skills only generations of transmission can impart. The pure crystal glass refracts light upon its radiant liquid with perfect clarity, suspending the flow of time within its translucent walls. 

To gift a decanter of LOUIS XIII is to gift a timeless work of art that has graced the tables of visionaries around the world and participated in pivotal points of history – a powerfully symbolic gesture worthy of the momentous occasion that is a wedding.

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A Range of Sizes

The LOUIS XIII Classic decanter is the quintessential cognac gift, the ultimate expression of our cellar’s finest eaux-de-vie since 1874. For a wedding gift idea that is a jewel-like introduction to LOUIS XIII, the Miniature (5cl) decanter preserves the same defining features as the larger decanters and makes for a covetable wedding gift or luxurious party favor. For a grander gesture, LOUIS XIII offers larger sizes of the iconic decanter: the Magnum (1.75L), the Jeroboam (3L), the Mathusalem (6L), or even the largest of all, the one-of-a-kind Salmanazar (9L).

For a gift idea that speaks to the dynamism, THE DROP distills the essence of LOUIS XIII into a single precious drop (1cl), small enough to be held tightly in the hands. Choose from five distinctive color expressions each echoing a different form of spontaneity: Loud, Glow, Bold, Smooth and Bright. Available individually as a sure-to-be-coveted wedding favor, or as a collection of all five colors for a thrilling wedding gift, THE DROP also features colorful shoulder straps that make it possible to carry the luxury essence of LOUIS XIII wherever life leads the recipient, unrestrained by place and time.

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Accessories to Enhance the Gift

Complete your gift with complementary accessories so that your loved ones have everything needed to transform the tasting experience into a true ceremony. LOUIS XIII Cognac represents the culmination of patience and unique savoir-faire, resulting in its unrivaled flavor profile. Such a creation demands the same level of time, care, and attention when tasting in order to best appreciate its complex and individual aromas. LOUIS XIII accessories are the perfect touch to add to a tasting ritual.

A pair of two “Facets of LOUIS XIII” glasses expose and enhance the many facets of LOUIS XIII Cognac so that they are allowed to shine through - for the eyes, nose, and palate. Each glass is crafted with the precise care and savoir-faire of our Crystal Masters who add an extra level of luxury without compromising functionality. 

To take the tasting ritual one step further, the specially designed LOUIS XIII Spear can be used to draw out cognac from your LOUIS XIII decanter to ensure a precise pour. This elegant spear's design echoes the traditional spear used by our Cellar Master to draw the aged eau-de-vie from its tierçons.

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Gift Sets

Beyond the classic collection, LOUIS XIII offers a selection of gift ideas to choose from in order to elevate the celebratory milestone even further. The LOUIS XIII Gift Collection brings together six sets collections designed to highlight certain aromas of LOUIS XIII Cognac, while appealing to the recipient’s interests and desires.

With their elegant design in LOUIS XIII’s signature red, each luxurious gift coffret contains three separate compartments: the largest chamber holds a handcrafted Classic decanter of LOUIS XIII Cognac, the top drawer holds two limited-edition engraved cognac glasses, and the bottom drawer opens up to reveal the coffret’s specially chosen items. For these accessories, LOUIS XIII collaborated with prestigious French Houses, all of which meet the same level of elegance, sophistication and attention to detail as LOUIS XIII.

  • The Expert Set includes a fleur de lys-engraved pipette, white gloves and a trivia set featuring 10 LOUIS XIII secrets.
  • The Cigar Set includes a fleur-de-lys-engraved S.T. Dupont lighter and a chrome-plated cigar cutter. 
  • The Caviar Set includes a fleur-de-lis-engraved Christofle silver-plated caviar serving set and five nacre caviar spoons. 
  • The Bellota Set includes a Bernardaud white bellota ham porcelain volcano plate adorned with a 22-carat gold-plated fleur-de-lys. 
  • The Serving Set includes a fleur-de-lys-engraved silver-plated tray and a collection of coasters from Christofle. 
  • The Souvenir Set includes a fleur-de-lys-engraved Christofle silver photo frame and a Baccarat crystal fleur-de-lys paperweight.

Just as it takes time to enjoy LOUIS XIII, life’s special celebrations deserve time to be fully immersed in the experience with the senses fully awakened. Whether the moment is an engagement, wedding, party favor or anniversary, whoever receives a gift of LOUIS XIII is projected into a perpetual cycle of time. With each drop of LOUIS XIII Cognac served, an interaction takes place, a multitude of ideas emerge, a new story begins and personal memories are created, never to be forgotten.

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