LOUIS XIII : Spear for Classic Decanter (70cl)

This LOUIS XIII Spear has been specially designed from stainless steel to enhance the tasting ritual with a
LOUIS XIII Classic decanter (70cl). This spear is easy to use and allows you to draw cognac from your decanter with precision, just as our Cellar Master extracts the eaux-de-vie from its oak barrel.

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Take part in a LOUIS XIII tasting ceremony

Representing the lifetime achievement of generations of Cellar Masters, LOUIS XIII cognac is a precious spirit that deserves to be consumed slowly and carefully. Just as our Cellar Masters have perfected the precise blending of the finest eaux-de-vie over the years, we have created a tasting ritual that will result in a truly memorable experience. Exclusively designed for use with our LOUIS XIII 70cl decanters, the specially designed LOUIS XIII Spear can be used to draw out cognac from your LOUIS XIII Classic decanter using the lightest of touches, transferring the contents to your glass. The design of our LOUIS XIII Spear is based on the traditional spear used by our Cellar Master to draw the aged eau-de-vie from its barrel, when checking and blending the individual samples. This historic tool has been passed down through generations of Cellar Masters, ensuring the carefully controlled production process is adhered to for years to come.

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The LOUIS XIII tasting ritual

The LOUIS XIII cognac tasting ritual requires time. Finding the right moment to fully appreciate the time of dedication and artistry that have gone into every decanter, ensure you will savour the cognac’s complex characteristics. LOUIS XIII cognac should be enjoyed neat. Begin by preparing the glass with a few drops of amber-gold LOUIS XIII cognac, then let it rest at room temperature for a few minutes. We recommend using the elegant LOUIS XIII Spear to ensure a precise pour, and our dedicated cognac glasses to bring out the distinct tones of LOUIS XIII. These tall-stemmed, delicate glasses expose and enhance the many facets of LOUIS XIII cognac – for the eyes, nose and palate.

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Holding the glass at arm’s length, admire the cognac’s rich gold tones and glints of flaming red, then bring the glass towards your nose to experience the initial light, floral bouquet. Bring it closer and breath in the intense, opulent aromas of rich spice, then place a single drop on your lips in order to prepare the palate. Allow yourself to take a small sip before circulating the rich liquid around your mouth to enjoy the individual floral, fruity and spicy notes. Continue to take in the precious liquid, drop by drop, picking up intense notes of myrrh, honey, dried roses, plum, figs, leather and more. The unforgettable flavour notes of LOUIS XIII cognac will evolve and linger on your palate for at least an hour afterwards. Let them transport you through time, sparking your own deep-rooted memories and recognising the unique history of LOUIS XIII cognac. Since 1874, LOUIS XIII cognac has been present at many momentous occasions, toasting celebrations and achievements worldwide, and it will continue to play a part in such moments for centuries to come. Take part in a LOUIS XIII tasting ceremony By taking part in the LOUIS XIII cognac ceremonial tasting ritual you are marking your own unique moment in time. The full tasting ritual can be performed at home, either alone or with others, or you can visit one of a select number of venues that will perform this unique service for you. LOUIS XIII cognac is available at selected luxury hotels, bars and restaurants throughout the world. To find a venue near you, please use the ‘Where to Find’ search tool on our website here.

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