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LOUIS XIII : Le Salmanazar

A rare collector's item by its magnitude and uniqueness, LOUIS XIII Le Salmanazar is a one-and-only edition which embodies the pinnacle of crystalmaking art, the first ever 9-liter crystal decanter of cognac, crafted by Baccarat.

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A landmark creation

LOUIS XIII Le Salmanazar is a decanter at the summit of its art, unique in its mastery, size and stature. Conceived with meticulous savoir-faire and painstaking attention to detail, it united the skills and expert gestures of the finest craftsmen awarded with the highest distinctions. From blowers to cutters, each was intimately involved in hand-crafting this extraordinary piece. This landmark decanter called for over 20 master crystal-craftsmen to handle over 15 kilos of crystal, combining the skills of an elite body of artisans, Meilleurs Ouvriers de France and one of Baccarat's Chevaliers de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, who drew from the infinite sculptural possibilities brought by crystal. From the blaze of the furnace to the calm atelier, the dentelles and the fleur-de-lys stopper were molded by the master crystal artists, the medallion delicately curved to espouse the unique shape of the decanter. Each movement is exquisitely choreographed and executed to reach the pinnacle of crystal-making art. Never before had Baccarat conceived a LOUIS XIII masterpiece of the sheer magnitude of LOUIS XIII Le Salmanazar

The coffret

Echoing the gestures performed by each Cellar Master as they draw precious samples from the ancient tierçon casks, the tasting ritual is a ceremonial occasion where time is suspended. To match this moment, LOUIS XIII Le Salmanazar is presented in an elegant display chest featuring 8 crystal glasses housed in a dedicated case, a serving platter and a specially designed spear. With this ancestral tool, used by generations of Cellar Masters to sample and serve the LOUIS XIII blend, the owner of this unique nine-liter masterpiece will relive the full experience of a privileged tasting ritual that defies time itself. The Fragrance of time on a stunning scale The spectacular decanter holds nine majestic liters of the fragrance of time that is LOUIS XIII. Since its origins in 1874, each generation of Cellar Master selects from our cellars the finest and most precious eaux-de-vie for LOUIS XIII. The LOUIS XIII Cellar Masters are the custodians of this vital legacy. Each transmits their knowledge, expertise and emotion to the next, like a father to a son, a master to an apprentice. For no Cellar Master will taste the final fruits of their art. Only together can they leave their legacy to future connoisseurs. Mighty and magnificent, LOUIS XIII Le Salmanazar is a tribute to their passion that honors their life achievement on an unprecedented scale.

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