LOUIS XIII : Single Crystal Glass (4cl)

Our large size “Facets of LOUIS XIII” glass, exclusively designed for LOUIS XIII to expose and enhance the multifaceted characteristics of our cognac, perfect for a 4cl glass of LOUIS XIII Cognac.

Height: 21cm
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Behind the Design: "Facets of LOUIS XIII" Glasses

Each LOUIS XIII glass is unique and hand-crafted meticulously by 9 Crystal Masters who pass down the delicate crystal piece from one hand to another. The crystal is manually gathered and gently shaped before being mouth-blown into its first form. Similar to the gestures needed to form the fleur de lys medallions on a LOUIS XIII decanter, a narrow stream of crystal is delicately applied to form the final foot. The Crystal Master uses its craft tools to ensure an even round form that will hold the glass in its final position.

product text image
product text image

Once obtained, the glass facets will be carved one by one into the crystal, resulting in the iconic shape of the LOUIS XIII glass. As with a cut diamond, the light filters in and bounces off the carved facets, thus giving life to the multi-faceted mahogany robe of LOUIS XIII. As a result of this unique hand-crafted savoir-faire, LOUIS XIII glasses may slightly differ in their length or width. Each glass’ uniqueness later result in a myriad of varying tones when two LOUIS XIII Cognac glasses are clinked together, inducing an enchanting symphony of chimes.

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product text image

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