French luxury icon LOUIS XIII cognac is proud to announce the relaunch of its European flagship boutique at London’s most prestigious luxury department store, Harrods.

Launching a new look for all future global retail experiences, Harrods is the world’s first opening of new LOUIS XIII boutiques.

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A photo of the entry to Harrods boutique in London, with LOUIS XIII decanter on the display

As the UK’s most esteemed retail destination with its luxury lifestyle brands and constant quest to inspire guests, Harrods continues to be the perfect partner for LOUIS XIII and its pioneering spirit, reflected by a shared commitment to luxury, emotions, excellent service and craftsmanship.

Located at Harrods’ lower ground floor adjacent to the Wine and Spirits rooms, award-winning French architecture firm RDAI remain the design team executing this high-end boutique concept.

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A photo of the Harrods boutique in London, with LOUIS XIII decanter on the display

Time being the ultimate raw material of LOUIS XIII, the boutique space represents an evolution of the Century Wheel into the Swirl of Time, an element connecting all future boutiques under this retail design identity. Tailor-made for Harrods, the space draws inspiration from the art deco and art nouveau features of the luxury department store, including the iconic listed Rococo ceiling.

Delve into a journey of movement created through the walls, the ceiling, and the furniture which evoke organic and natural shapes, emphasised by intricate plaster work of French artisans with decades of experience. A skilful mix of elegance and noble materials expresses the poetry of LOUIS XIII and envelops guests in this new retail experience.

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A photo of the Harrods boutique in London, with LOUIS XIII decanter on the display

Leonardo Ferracina, Global Executive Director at LOUIS XIII says:

This boutique is the first European expression of our new global retail design. Modern and sensual, this space creates an environment for clients to enter the LOUIS XIII universe and discover daring innovations going beyond the product.

Elements of our patrimony, engaging stories and digital content will bring the vineyards and distilleries of Cognac Grande Champagne to life at Harrods, immersing visitors into the exceptional world of LOUIS XIII which is shaped by generations of expert craftsmen.

preview image

A photo of the Harrods boutique in London, with LOUIS XIII decanter on the display

Michael Ward, Managing Director at Harrods comments:

We are delighted to celebrate our longstanding partnership with LOUIS XIII through the reveal of their new European flagship boutique in Harrods. This is in addition to the launch of their immersive pop-up on the fifth floor which is available throughout the month of July.

The boutique’s new design brings to life the exceptional world of LOUIS XIII, offering our customers the opportunity to discover the history, craftsmanship and terroir of the Grande Champagne region of Cognac, as well as an array of exclusive products and services.

The new retail space will leave an emotional lasting memory with its visitors through retail theatre, ‘phygital’ experiences, historical artefacts from the rich archives in Cognac and exclusive products and services. Modern technology with a state-of-the-art digital screen wall will showcase LOUIS XIII’s pioneering spirit through its latest campaigns, and allows visitors to dive into the history, craftsmanship and terroir of LOUIS XIII.

Explore limited-editions and large formats, as well as the full range of accessories and Gift Collection Coffrets. Exclusive crystal engraving services complete the experience, forging lasting impressions between LOUIS XIII and cherished customers.

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