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Winegrowers: perpetuating
know-how from generation to

The Alliance Fine Champagne

At LOUIS XIII time is the essential ingredient that transforms our precious eaux-de-vie, but also shapes our relationships: time gives rise to quality. This is evident in the House of Rémy Martin's partnership with the Alliance Fine Champagne, the cooperative that supplies the House of Rémy Martin with eaux-de-vie. In 1966, André Hériard Dubreuil (father of the actual chairman of the Remy Cointreau group) created a cooperative of winegrowers called Champaco which would eventually become the Alliance Fine Champagne. In the five decades since, this partnership with the House of Rémy Martin has grown into a mutually enriching relationship defined by a joint pursuit of excellence.

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A lifestyle photo of Baptiste Loiseau in wineyards

Supporting the winegrowers

The AFC comprises around 800 winegrowers, divided across the Grande and Petite Champagne. Just under 400 of these winegrowers cultivate grapes in Grande Champagne, the exceptional cru from which LOUIS XIII is made.

The House of Rémy Martin has always supported the winegrowers of the AFC, even through times of extreme crisis. It’s a very authentic relationship, based on a strong financial commitment but also a strong human connection and, in many cases, the winegrowers have a multi-generational relationship with the House. The way the House of Rémy Martin accompanies winegrowers in their work and in their quest for the Rémy Martin standards is unique. The House’s experts spend a lot of time in the field, speaking to the winegrowers and helping them: they create a chain from the land to the cognac. It’s a time-consuming investment, but the return is immeasurable.

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A lifestyle photo of Christophe Forget, a table with candles in the background

Fostering a Fine Champagne community

The AFC is there to offer services that will benefit winegrowers in the practice of their trade, but it is also driven by the desire to foster a Fine Champagne community.

The AFC organises meetings and events that contribute to a rich social life and the House of Rémy Martin hosts an annual reunion called Millésime, which brings together the 800 winegrowers of the AFC each summer. The reunion is an opportunity for Baptiste Loiseau and his teams to give technical advice on the harvest to come, but it’s also a heartfelt way to remind the winegrowers that the House of Rémy Martin is always there for them, at every step of the way.

A collective effort towards excellence

The House of Rémy Martin and the AFC have been industry pioneers in many ways. Their goal is to continue to lead the way, both in terms of sustainability and in terms of relationships. Thanks to this forward-thinking approach, each winegrower becomes conscious of the fact that they are contributing to the achievements of their generation, which will, in turn, benefit the next. By continuing to work together with the House and the AFC, and by continuing this collective effort towards excellence, each winegrower is helping create a better future.

"If we nurture our historic partnership, we will ensure that all that was imagined 50 years ago will last for centuries to come."

Christophe Forget, President of the Alliance Fine Champagne

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