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NEWS / May 2023

LOUIS XIII Cognac and HAKKASAN Collaborate for the Ultimate Culinary Experience

LOUIS XIII Cognac and globally renown Hakkasan restaurant group have proudly joined forces to create a unique and contemporary dessert pairing that features an elegant display of caviar-style passion fruit matched with LOUIS XIII Cognac.

Hakkasan Global Pastry Chef Romain Cornu, alongside LOUIS XIII Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau, joined both their passion and expertise to delicately conceive an exceptional pairing, aimed to take the aromas of LOUIS XIII to new hights on the palate.


"Such a perfect pairing that it is difficult to perceive which of LOUIS XIII or the dessert comes to sublimate the other. Elegance, Finesse and Harmony are combined in an explosion of freshness that awakens and elevates both sight and taste.” LOUIS XIII Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau.

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The Sweet Caviar Dessert Pairing is served in a traditional caviar tin, featuring multiple layers of passion fruit cake, passion fruit marmalade with poached pineapple, coconut bavaroise, and coconut feuilletine, topped with caviar-resembling coconut pearls. The dish is accompanied by a mango and passion fruit sorbet, alongside a Perfect Pour set featuring LOUIS XIII Cognac.

“We’re incredibly excited for the world to taste this dessert. The Sweet Caviar dessert is pure extravagance, making it the perfect match for the legendary LOUIS XIII.” Chef Romain Cornu.


The Sweet Caviar Dessert Pairing is available at 9 international Hakkasan locations : London Mayfair, London Hanway Place, Las Vegas, Miami, Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai and Bodrum.


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