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NEWS / June 2023

RARE CASK 42.1 by the Glass: an adventure in time and place

LOUIS XIII RARE CASK Collection is a taste of the sublime and now, a unique cognac tasting experience… As art and craftmanship come together, and as the savoir-faire of our Cellar Masters aligns with the Wonders of Nature, a cask sometimes develops unique qualities while it matures in the darkness of our cellars.

Only when the time is right will it be presented to the world as LOUIS XIII RARE CASK.

And now, for the first time in a decade, LOUIS XIII is granting the release of a limited volume of RARE CASK 42.1, so that a few selected connoisseurs can taste it by the glass in an incredible venue, chosen to make the experience even more memorable. Commencing June 1st and for a limited period of time only, this represents a rare opportunity in time and space, never to be repeated with this singular cask.

It was a delight to find locations that could match and enhance the experience of tasting RARE CASK 42.1 by the glass. In dialogue with our partners, we curated a selection of hotels, restaurants and bars in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. Each venue represents a convergence of place, style and grace as befits our RARE CASK and its extraordinary qualities. To find out about this unique opportunity, please contact the LOUIS XIII conciergerie or enquire directly at the selected establishment.

The Dorchester

London, United Kingdom

A beacon of luxury, lifestyle and taste, The Dorchester Collection has been home to exquisite LOUIS XIII experiences for the past 15 years. Proudly serving the unique LOUIS XIII collection, the Dorchester's Vesper Bar is the latest opening in strikingly beautiful, contemporary design and the only five-star hotel globally offering the full RARE CASK collection by the glass. 

The Grantley Hall

Ripon, United Kingdom

Yorkshire-based five-star hotel, Grantley Hall, has been specially selected LOUIS XIII, as one of 13 locations globally to list its extremely limited-edition Rare Cask 42.1 decanter. Proud member of the Relais & Châteaux Hotels, Grantley Hall is a hidden jewel found on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, now serving RARE CASK 42.1 by the glass in the Norton Bar & Courtyard at Grantley Hall, alongside other rare large formats including the 3L Jeroboam decanter. 

More to come in July

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